About Us – Why Good Shoes.

goodpairofshoes.com walking on the Deschutes River Trail in Bend Oregon

Go for a walk on the Deschutes River Trail.

Just a ten minute walk from my Bend, Oregon house you’ll find the Deschutes River Trail, one of the greatest trail networks in the country. My cousin and I walk it regularly. Or we head out with the dogs for a romp in the woods, do a quick ascent up a local butte, or walk 8 miles while chasing a little white dimpled ball.

But I’ve often had trouble with my shoes.

That’s how this site was hatched –  It was our passion for walking, along with my weird-shaped feet, that inspired this site.

I don’t want people to suffer through bad shoes like I have.

So after a year of research, writing, walking and product testing, we bring you Good Pair of Shoes.com.

looking for a good pair of shoes for walking by John Furgurson

According to Dr. William Rossi, a well-known podiatrist and footwear consultant, 80% of all foot problems can be attributed to ill-fitting shoes.

Our mission is simple: We’re out to inform, inspire and save.

Inform you about the health benefits of walking and the best shoes for walking depending on your particular feet.

Inspire with stories and products that will encourage you to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

And save you from making bad shoe purchases. Save you money. Save you from the pain that comes from walking in a bad pair of shoes.

Oh, we also want to make life a little easier. Because if you have odd-shaped feet like mine, shoe shopping is a pain in the ass.

shoes for wide feet

I’ve always had a hard time finding shoes that fit my small, peasant feet. Especially since I live in a pretty small town… there aren’t that many stores to choose from.

So we’re determined to solve that problem and make it easier for you to find the best walking shoes for wide feet, narrow feet, fat feet or whatever. Doesn’t matter if you have diabetic feet, high-arches, plantar fasciitis or bunyons, we’ll help you find a good pair of walking shoes.

We’ve walked a lot of miles and researched all the best shoe brands to provide a practical buyer’s guide to walking shoes.

Our criteria is fairly simple:

  1. A good pair of shoes for walking should fit perfectly, no matter what type of feet you have… Yes, you can find a shoe that fits flat feet, diabetic feet, wide feet, pronated feet, high-arched feet or even big-foot feet.
  2. The best walking shoes should be light weight, yet stable, supportive and anatomically designed. A cheap pair of sneakers won’t fit the bill if you’re walking regularly or over rough terrain.
  3. The best walking shoes are a good value, and they last a reasonably long time. They won’t break down after you’ve put just a few miles on them.

good pair of shoes

Buying a good pair of walking shoes isn’t like buying loafers. Comfort is not the only consideration. So we’ve designed this entire website as a comprehensive walking shoe buyer’s guide.

Our goal is to save you time by providing all the info you need in one place. (So you don’t have to spend hours scouring the web.) We also want to save your feet from unnecessary pain, and save you money.

Check out our selection of walking shoes for men, or women’s walking shoes.  If nothing else, we’re going to help narrow your search and streamline the shopping process.

You don’t need to visit four different brick and mortar stores to find a good pair of shoes for walking… just order online.

These days, ecommerce companies like Amazon have bullet-proof return policies that allow you to order three pairs, and keep the one that fits. Doesn’t cost you a dime.

good pair of shoes for travelIf you love to travel, I’m sure you appreciate a good pair of walking shoes.

That’s what trips are made of… lots of walking, standing, and time on your feet. It takes its toll if you’re not wearing a good pair of shoes for walking.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend in Paris or an epic trek through Patagonia, your footwear is exceptionally important. Because blisters suck!

Buying shoes online is the best way to find the perfect fit.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. But buying shoes from Amazon beats the heck out of driving from one store to another, only to to get skunked on sizes and styles.

There are only a few shops in my town that carry shoes designed specifically for walking. There are a lot of hiking boots, and tons of running shoes, but very few walking shoes. So even if I drove to every single store I was often left with only a few lousy choices.

With Amazon, there are hundreds of choices. We recommend that you order at least two different shoes, in two different sizes each. Then put them on and wear them around the house for at least a half an hour. Take your time. Walk around in them. Go up and down the stairs and make sure they don’t slip, pinch or grab. That’s the best way to decide.

There’s more to it than just walking shoes…

walking poles on goodpairofshoes.comOne thing that’s great about walking… there’s very little equipment involved.

But there are a few accessories that will make your walks or hikes more enjoyable and more productive, especially if you’re out for serious fitness.

Browse through our selection of accessories for walking… walking poles, hiking socks, insoles and orthotics, water bottles and hydration packs, pedometers and fitbit gadgets.

Be sure to check our blog posts for more info on each product category.

You can walk anywhere. But our hometown is particularly good.

Bend, Oregon is an inspiring place. You can stay busy mountain biking, hiking, skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding or golfing. It’s all right here. But walking is still the most popular pastime.

walking trails in bend, oregon

In addition to the river trail and many, nearby hiking trails, there’s Pilot Butte. Located in the center of town, this trail (left) offers a splendid, 360-degree view. But you’ll need good shoes for walking.

Why Amazon?

110,000,000 customers, that’s why. We want to help as many people as we possibly can, and there’s no other way to serve as many people, as efficiently, as Amazon.  Sure, we also love to support our local mom & pop shoe stores and orthotics lab, but that’s not going to help very many people. Amazon has the reach and the infrastructure we need to bring you the very best walking shoes.


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