Walking shoes for men – Save time and keep your feet happy

looking for a good pair of shoes for walking by John Furgurson

I hate shoe shopping. And I don’t think I’m the only guy who feels that way. Finding good walking shoes for men is especially painful, thanks to my odd-shaped feet and a small number of choices in my home town.

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If you’re tired of driving all over town trying on shoes, this is the solution. Just order several pairs through our Amazon links, and return the ones that don’t fit. If you’re one of the 100 million Amazon Prime members in this country, you’ll even get free shipping both directions.

No rush. No pressure. No sales clerks. No driving around. You can take as much time as you need to determine the perfect fit. (Just make sure you don’t wear them outdoors)

If you have wide feet, like mine, there’s a post on the best walking shoes for wide feet. We also have shoes for people who have foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

This is where you’ll find a great selection of men’s walking shoes of all types, from rugged to cozy. Light hiking boots to sneakers and sandals. We have walking shoes for seniors as well as podiatrist advice and tips on finding the right fit. You’ll also find accessories and gadgets that’ll make your walking more productive and enjoyable. For instance, FitBit pedometers and Black Diamond walking poles.

We’ve categorized all walking shoes for men into the following 5 groups:

1. Sandals for Walking

Hot summer days and vacation travel sometimes demand sandals that you can also walk in. Technically, these are not walking shoes, but the sandals we’ve chosen are widely regarded as the best for walking.

2. Sneakers For Walking

These are the lightest and least supportive of all the shoes we’ve researched. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend plain old sneakers for walking, but we also know the realities of the marketplace… Many people just make do with sneakers, so we include some of the better ones in our walking shoe buyer’s guide.

3. Trail Running Shoes For Walking

If you shop at most chains or discount shoe stores you won’t find  walking shoes. Instead, the sales people will push you into a running shoe, saying that they’re essentially the same.

Ha! Don’t fall for it. Running and walking demand completely different things from a shoe, so the only running shoes that we normally recommend for walking can be found in the trail running category. Trail Running Shoes are substantially sturdier and more rigid than most lightweight running shoes. Therefore, they can work well as walking shoes for some people. If you try walking in lightweight running shoes, you’re just asking for foot problems.

4. Supportive, Orthopedic Shoes For Walking

There are a few brands, such as Vivonic, Kuru, Brooks, Birkenstock and Aetrex that are anatomically designed to provide extra support for problem feet. You won’t find these brands on the shelf at a standard, run-of-the-mall shoe store. So if you have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or diabetes-related foot issues, this is the category for you.

 5. Light Hiking Shoes For Walking

These are the most durable, most substantial shoes of the bunch. We don’t review hiking boots but some of these models would work perfectly well for short back packing trips or long day hikes. Take a look at Oboz, Solomon, Keen and Merrell.

If you have foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis, we recommend that you focus only on the last two categories… supportive orthopedic shoes and light hiking shoes. Click here for more info.

Alphabetical list of the best walking shoes for men.


Adidas Neo Walking Shoes

Category: Sneakers for Walking.
Rating:  3.5 Stars out of 5
Noteworthy: Good for plantar fasciitis.

good walking shoes for walking

Adida’s Cloudfoam is a newly developed EVA compound. The cushy heel pad and the midsole provides a new level of underfoot padding and is getting good reviews in online chat rooms: “The single most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. I have plantar facsciitis and these shoes completely eliminate foot pain even under intense exercise.


Adidas Rockadia Trail Running Shoe

Category: Trail Running Shoe for Walking
Rating:  4 Stars out of 5
Noteworthy: The most rugged shoe that Adidas makes for trail running or walking.

best men's walking shoes goodpairofshoes.com

The Rockadia from Adidas is a sturdy, affordable trail running shoe that would work well as a walking shoe for many people. The grippy, rubber soles are stiffer than most trail running shoes and good for all surfaces.

This shoe runs a half size smaller than normal, so be sure to size-up when ordering. As with all Adidas, they run a bit narrow, so we cannot recommend them for people with wide feet.



Altra Lone Peak 3 Men’s Walking Shoe

Category: Trail Running Shoe for Walking
Rating:  3 Stars out of 5
Noteworthy: Super-thick padding underfoot and exra width in the toe box.

trail running shoes for walking shoes goodpairofshoes.com

Altra’s “footshape” toe box makes this line a great choice for people like me who need extra width in the forefoot. The wide toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe stays in a straight position for more speed and stability The cushioning, even in their more minimalist models, is amazing. These shoes feature “Zero Drop” which means your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground. Altra claims this encourages proper, low-impact form throughout your stride. Unique outsole and midsole pattern maps the bones and tendons of your foot to let it flex where it naturally wants to while running. Although the sole is thick, it’s not as rigid as we prefer for walking purposes.

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Asics Gel Quickwalk Walking Shoes For Men

Category: Sneakers for Walking
Noteworthy: This brand is a good option for diabetic feet

Asics walking shoes for men goodpairofshoes.com

ASICS combines their legendary Gel cushioning system with great support features like medial posts to provide maximum shock absorption while helping to guard against over-pronation and over-supination. Lots of fit options in many styles and building their shoes on different lasts (the form that shoes are constructed over), ASICS offers shoes that will provide a great fit for every foot type. They offer specialized walking shoes with the whole purpose of helping people with Diabetes.

Asics Gel Venture

Category: Trail Running Shoes for Walking
Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Noteworthy: This brand is a good value for wide feet

Asics Gel Venture walking shoes for men

This Japanese brand is well  known for its high-volume shoes. Most trail running shoes that come in wide sizes have extra cushioning built in. (I think the shoe companies assume that wide feet equal overweight customers.) But this shoe doesn’t offer that extra level of support. So while they may not be great for trail running, they can work for trail walking.



Hoka One One Stinson 3 walking shoes

Category: Sneakers for Walking
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Noteworthy: Ultra-thick cushioning

Hoka best walking shoes for men goodpairofshoes.com

Hoka One One is a relatively new brand you’ve probably not seen, but you’ll remember them when you do see them. The innovation here is in the meta-rocker sole and the One-One cushioning and support. You can see how thick the sole is… almost twice as thick as other walking or running shoes. Technically, this is a running shoe, but they’re very cushy and the unique meta-rocker shape seem to propel you forward. Some say the design is also beneficial for plantar faciitis.

Keen Oakridge Men’s walking shoes

Category: Light hiking shoes for walking
Noteworthy: Wide toe box and overall high volume makes Keen a good choice for wide feet.

Keen best men's walking shoes goodpairofshoes.com

Keen is a Portland, Oregon company that basically invented toe protection in sandals and hiking shoes.

This company has a very loyal following, including myself. They’re cut to fit peasant feet like mine… wide in the toe box and normal width in the heel.

They also also last a long, long time.

Designer Michael Keen’s ah-ha moment derived from his experience as a competitive sailor. Until Keens came along, serious sailors never wore sandals. Too many stubbed toes!

So Keen came up with the Newport Sandal and dubbed it a hybrid — somewhere between a shoe and a sandal with visible reinforcement in the toes.

best walking shoes for men Keen shoes

Now sailors are moving away from Top Siders and embracing the protection provided by Keen’s distinctive toe design. There’s even a Keen model that looks like a deck shoe.

Read more about the Keen brand.

Merrell Annex Men’s Walking Shoe

Category: Light Hiking Shoes for Walking
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Noteworthy: Exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

Merrell Annex light hiking shoes for walking goodpairofshoes.com

I think Merrell makes great shoes. Unfortunately, most of their models don’t fit my peasant feet. I’ve tried them in an extra-wide, and I felt like I was swimming in them. I’m bummed.

If you have a normal-width foot, be sure to try on some Merrells. With built-to-last upper made of waterproof oily leather and abrasion resistant textile, this boot is durable. This hiking boot features a breathable mesh lining and detachable EVA insole treated with M-Select FRESH that keeps it odor-free and comfy.

Merrell walking shoes for men

Topping all this, is the Vibram® outsole that allows for flexing naturally and excellent traction on all surfaces. The Merrell Annex men’s hiking boot is your best bet when in need of a reliable and comfy outdoor boot.




New Balance MW877 Men’s Walking Shoe

Category: Sneakers for Walking
Noteworthy: Width, width and more width!

New Balance walking shoes for men

This is one of the best in the “Sneakers For Walking” category. New Balance is well known for it’s 6E high volume shoes… so it’s a great brand for those of us with wide feet. But they also go all the way down to 2A. In fact, New Balance offers more widths than any other brand. It’s also worth noting that at least eight models of New Balance shoes are actually made in America… it’s a small portion of their product mix, but at least someone’s still making shoes here at home. These shoes typically run a half-size small.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Trainers

Category: Sneakers for Walking
Noteworthy: Design is king at Nike.

Nike running shoes for walking shoes

This is a gorgeous shoe… one of the best looking that we’ve found. But it’s not just a fashion statement, it’s also a great performer for mall walking or neighborhood walking. The heel for this Nike shoe was designed to complement your natural movements while the outsole does an amazing job at shock absorption. And the breathability of the air mesh is unmatched.

Oboz Sawtooth Light hiking shoe – Our #1 pick in walking shoes for men.

Category: Light Hiking Shoes for Walking
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Noteworthy: Exceptionally durable and long-lasting, with the best sole design on the market.

Oboz men's walking shoes for men

Many of the sales professionals and outdoor enthusiasts we’ve interviewed believe these are the best light hiking shoes on the market… superior to Merrell or Keen. I have to agree.

They feel fantastic on my feet. They’re wide enough – in the toe box – but they don’t have too much volume everywhere else.

Oboz is one of only a few brands that come with good arch support standard… so you won’t have to upgrade to an aftermarket insole with these. The Oboz OFit insole is probably the best on the market. So if you need great arch support and heel stability, this is the brand to try.

Reebok Men’s Ultra V Dmx Max Men’s Walking shoes

Category: Sneakers for Walking
Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Noteworthy: Not a thing. Just a decent walking shoe for your buck.

Reebok walking shoes for men

If you’re suffering from plantar faciitis, bone spurs or any other type of foot pain, this might be a good shoe to try. This is a substantial shoe with a very rigid sole, which makes it quite durable and appropriate for all types of walking, although some reviewers found them a bit clumsy. They can easily accommodate wide feet. Please note: We will be adding more shoes to the Reebok line as we get time to review them.

Salewa Ultra Train walking shoes for men

walking shoes for women goodpairofshoes.com

Category: Light hiking shoes for walking
Noteworthy: Exceptional construction and easy lacing system.

Salewa is an Italian mountaineering brand that dates back to the 1930s. The company invented some of the most widely used technical climbing equipment in the world, and worked with Reinhhold Messner and many other renown mountaineers.

If you’re looking for a walking shoe that can handle rough, technical terrain as well as a simple walk in the park, this is a great shoe.

Scarpa Vortex XCR Trail Walking Shoes

Category: Light Hiking Shoes for Walking
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Noteworthy: Beefy, alpine-inspired sole.

Scarpa best walking shoes

This Italian brand has a history of craftsmanship that dates back to the 1940s. Best known among serious alpinists, skiers and climbers, this mountain footwear company has extended its reach into comfortable walking and casual shoes. The Scarpa Vortex is a workhorse of a shoe… Gortex keeps your feet dry, and the Vibram Dynatech soles are known for durability and great grip. These shoes are built for narrow, shallow feet.

Walking Shoes
High-end Anatomical comfort.

Category: Supportive, orthopedic Shoes for Walking
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Noteworthy: Exceptional anatomical design and the best footbed in the business – for all kinds of foot problems.

Vionic best walking shoes for men

If you have plantar fasciitis or any other foot issues, the Vionic is an absolute must-try. The Vionic brand was built around the work of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and most of their shoes get the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The orthaheel footbed is second to none, and it’s important to note that the company was called Orthaheel until 2016.