Walking with poles: Find deals on the best trekking poles.

walking with trekking polesEveryone knows that walking is great exercise. But walking with trekking poles is even better.

If you want to increase the fitness level of your walks, or lose a little weight, trekking poles are the answer.

Poles turn your walk into a whole-body workout.

Poles engage the bicepts, tricepts, shoulders and upper back. So you burn more calories… up to 50% more in fact.

Many seniors rely on Trekking poles to remain safely mobile.

Walking with trekking poles can save you from falling. They’re not a guarantee, but they can significantly reduce the risk of injury, especially for seniors or for those of you who walk on rough trails or hilly terrain.Poles allow them to walk with relative safety, and avoid the falls that can be so detrimental later in life.

Walking Poles protect your joints.

They reduce the stress of impact on your knees, ankles, hips, and spine especially when you’re going downhill.

Walking with trekking poles strengthens muscles that support the spine.

Maintaining a healthy mobile back is, for many of us, the secret to longevity.  Poles also help prevent stress in hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders & neck.

Walking with poles promotes better posture.

A more upright posture improves breathing and facilitates an elongation of the spine. If you’re hunched over at all in your normal walking posture, poles are a great idea.


Black Diamond Walking Poles – An iconic, alpine brand.

black diamond walking poles - goodpairofshoes.com

walking poles on goodpairofshoes.com

These poles allowed my 83-year-old father to stay mobile much longer.  They’re lightweight, but sturdy enough for him to really lean on. And he can pack them in a carry-on.




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These walking poles have all the proven, Black Diamond features at an economical price. The three piece, ultralight, narrow diameter aluminum shafts reduce weight without sacrificing strength. The dual FlickLock 2 pole locking mechanisms are super easy to adjust, and they lock into place everytime, without fail.

The adjustable 360 degree Padded Wrist Straps are Left and Right hand specific for added comfort. They feature Interchangeable Tech Tips with WaveLock technology to easily switch from Rubber or Carbide tips depending on the terrain you are walking on.Usable Length 63.5-140 cm (25″-55″).Minimum storage length 63.5 cm (25″).Weight 462 grams/ pair (1 lb. 1 oz./ pair).Color: Fire Red and Grey.Import..



Looking for sturdy poles for walking? Try KevenAnna Trekking Poles

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KevenAnna trekking poles made of durable light weight aluminum are great for hiking, walking, trekking and snowshoeing across all terrains. The handles are made of durable rubber with ergonomic design to fit your hand seamlessly. The nylon strap adjusts to fit desired tension. That means you’ll have less hand fatigue when grasping the pole. These poles adjust to your height, shrinking down to 25 inches at the smallest setting, and expand to 56 inches at the safest elongated position.

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Enkeeo Trekking Poles – A good choice for walking, hiking or travel.

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This trekking pole is crafted with aluminum shaft, which makes it lightweight enough to carry without losing the quality. The ergonomic EVA foam handle is comfortable and sweatproof to hold, and the wrist strap is adjustable to control your pole so that helps enhance your trekking endurance. Comes with the 4-section design for easy stash in bag or carry while the pole’s length easily matches to your height from 15.35”to 50.78” by simply and quickly adjusting the combination locks and you are able to make the adjustments of your trekking poles with the removable mud/snow baskets or rubber foot no matter where you’re hiking.

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Montem Trekking Poles – Safety for ups, downs and around town.

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Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are built to last, with tungsten tips and EVA foam handles that are stronger than cork.This grip won’t give you any hassle… It extends down the pole so when hiking uphill you can comfortably adjust your grip. These poles can support you… Montem’s Trekking Poles are crafted out of Aluminum 7075 – the same material used to build airplanes. Montem hiking poles close down into a compact 24″ with a weight of only 9.6 ounces per pole. They’re ultralight, sturdy, and great for traveling.

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#1 Selling Nordic Walking Fitness Poles in the USA. Quality 1-piece construction designed for every day use – dependable, user friendly (unlike cheap/flimsy collapsible poles). The Scandinavians recommend one-piece poles. Walking with poles is just what we need… it’s a simple, effective form of exercise and gives people who have difficulty moving the ability to get out and walk. Perfect Length Guarantee… include your height when ordering and we will select the Perfect Length Poles for your height.

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Go Together Trekking Poles

Amazon’s top pick and a great value. Aluminum Alloy makes them strong and durable. Tungsten-cobalt-alloy Tip , high abrasion resistance.
Telescoping design,with flip lock makes it easy to adjust the height by one click. Retracted length 25 inch, Extended length to 53 inch, suitable for most people.
BMM grip, friendly to man, woman and kids, comfortable to user during hiking. Foam Padded Auto-adjustable strap.Removable parts, rubber ferrules,mud/snow baskets,suitable for Trekking,Backpacking, Hiking,Touring…with you on the road for ever.


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